Additional Information on Restricted Keys

We are a Master Locksmiths Approved Company with over 20 years experience in advising our customers who seek additional security through the use of restricted keys, which means our trained staff are able to assist you in selecting the right products for your security needs.

Restricted key systems are available for domestic use as well as commercial. The security of a 'high security' lock can be compromised by the keys being copied at random with little or no control.

"Restricted keys enhance the security provided by any lock"

We can fit a security lock to your own front door then register its keys to you; this stops duplicate keys being cut without your knowledge or say so and provides you with total control of the keys to your home.

Restricted keys allow you to provide a tradesperson the key to your home and as long as you get it back, you know they will have been unable to obtain copies.

"Remember - Always use a Master Locksmiths Association 'Approved Company' when considering restricted keys as a means of securing your property, whereassured that trained staff will provide a quality service with integrity to give you total peace of mind"